What If the Holy Bible Compliments Good Science?

In case the Holy Bible compliments good science, we have surely been fed a major lay for many years. This appears there are a lot of people who have made it a practice to keep this important truth away from us. Perhaps it would do us good to re-examine the facts. you search the scriptures

You will find 12 assumptions we make when we agree to the fact great research is not incompatible with the Holy Bible.

They will are as follows:

one pbiblearticular. The Holy Bible as the real Word of Our god is accurate in it is scientific areas;
2. Technology is at its best when its goal is to bring glory and honor to God;
3. Science is an integral part of The lord’s domain command present in Genesis 1: 28;
4. Character is a means of showing God’s attributes;
5. Matter is not timeless, but had a starting as explained in Genesis 1: 1;
6. Roots and why questions simply cannot be addressed by naturalistic “science; ”
7. Your life is a gift idea from The almighty;
8. Knowledge and perception commences with a value for God;
9. Goodness has given to all of us all we should be happy and free;
10. Simply good scientist can do good science;
11. Scientific research is more productive when we work in cohesiveness with God; and
doze. Anyone that follows these assumptions can be a good scientist.

When these assumptions are accepted, our science takes on a fresh meaning. Our goal is by using everything we discover through the regulations of logical inductive thinking to elevate the and prosperity of all people. Science become a stalwart that bows to the moral and spiritual laws and regulations addressed in the 10 Commandments. True Science will not classify or departmentalize people. Thus, there is no superior race. Everyone is created equal. Once you have settled on this, you are ready to do good science.

Below is the inductive process you go through to find the kind of facts.

1. Define the condition or mystery you want to solve.
2. Collect the important points relating to the problem.
3. Create a number of possible alternatives using the facts.
4. Test the solutions to see how well they match the facts.
5. Remove the solutions that do unfit the facts.
6. Loop through the above steps until you obtain a perfect match with all of the facts.
7. Let someone else test your results.

As you can see there is room for error throughout this entire process. This is a problem- or mystery-solving structured system. If there is no mystery, then there would be no reason to get started on the process. The greater the condition or secret you are trying to solve, the more time and energy you make use of. Devoid of a proper motivation you possibly can make the facts say what you want these to say. This is the reason the above 12 presumptions are so important to do good science. In this way the O Bible compliments good technology. The Holy Bible serves as a “safety net” for our science tasks.

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