No Piano? What to Do When There Is No Piano – Keyboard Part?

How to handle it when there is no piano keyboard part to a song? This is a question many of us keyboard players face. I have realized that the vast majority of praise songs fall under two main categories. They are really either acoustic guitar driven or piano as well as keyboard driven. There is a concept of business lead line. Which is the key melodic theme that typically is presented at the very beginning of the song. If this is played by the traditional acoustic or electric guitar where do you turn as the piano as well as keyboard player? I would suggest providing them with space. Think of the lead line as the player on the hockey court with the ball. Not everyone is able to have the ball at the same time. Only 1 player at a time can be having the ball. Whenever we are all trying to have the ball or the lead part it will eventually just be an whole team fighting and you will never score or win. Most of the time that ball is passed around to be able to people in the band during the song. Most of the times it starts off with the piano or electric guitar with a lead line then it is handed off to the vocalists for the verses and chorus. Consequently if you aren’t the lead instrument you require to simplify what you are playing. audio repair shop near me

There are 2 different ways to easily simplify on keys. The best way is to move to holding chords rather than playing melodic rhythms. That would look like having the chord inversions for 2 beats or maybe an entire bar depending on track and the timing of the chord changes. This can also seem like not playing at all. This is certainly dependent on the part of the song it is in and the dynamics of this instant. Sometimes the most powerful thing we can do as musicians is to now play and come in strong at the right moment. This is especially true with striper players.

Another more advanced option is to play a counter melody or lead line. Consider it singing harmony to the lead vocal accept the lead vocal is the lead line the acoustic guitar plays. This is especially convenient if you simply have one guitar player.

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