Pet Wellness – Pet Stress Awareness

Family pet Wellness embraces many aspects of a healthy happy family pet so in appreciation of Stress Awareness Month learn how you can identify and eliminate pet stress to give him a longer, happier, healthier life.

April is Stress Consciousness Month and this does apply to all living things, big, small, human or not – particularly our pets. Are you astonished to read that family pets have stress? Stress influences our dogs and cats and kittens and various type house animals across the board. Dog or cat stress just like people stress causes health problems, decreases the quality of life, causes depression, and shortens life span. Intended for these reasons, amidst others, it is necessary for pet owners to rehearse another part of pet wellbeing which is discovering if their pet is pressured, identifying the stress factors, and using the necessary techniques to get remove of the stress and improve the quality of their pet’s life.

Pet Pressure Signs

Many pet stress signs can even be indications of other problems so do not simply assume it is stress. It’s important to look into all the avenues in order to successfully help your family pet and may well avoid and your pet future health problems and chunky vet expenses.

1. Itching

Itching is a sign of several things such as fleas, ticks, lice, or pores and skin allergy but it can even be a sign of stress if your dog or cat is itching him or her self more than normal. Acquire rid of the likelihood of fleas, ticks, louse and allergy first, and then consider which it could be your pet is stressed. Natural health attention for pets treatments offers effective allergy itching remedies that could be administered at home. Treating itching and pain from allergies and removing the allergy source will also keep your dog or cat from struggling with stressed induced by discomfort – from ongoing itchiness.

2. Extreme shedding

A lot more pet stress there is the more shedding there will be. Shedding however is also common with low quality dog food, poor diet, and can even be genetics, and a dog that is not getting enough sun light. Another condition of increased shedding is when the pores of the dog’s skin do not close all the way allowing hair to fall constantly. This usually needs a supplement such as Biotin to help. Or, your canine friend could be too stressed.

3. Lethargy

A lethargic family pet is always a signal that something is not right and desires to be looked into urgently. Listlessness can stem from despression symptoms, poor health, not enough exercise and unhappiness. Or perhaps, your pet’s stress is burning down. Usually a vet will request a stool sample to obtain to the root of this problem.

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