The Ten Most Romantic Actresses

10 Ingrid Bergman

The Swedish-conceived “Casablanca” on-screen character set the tone for 1940s style. She is known for wearing keen suits, pencil skirts, and extravagant outfits. Bergman added her own particular identity to her looks, wearing everything from polka specks to customized pants. Edurne 

9 Grace Kelly

In the 1950s, everyone’s eyes were on Grace Kelly. Wearing pearls, trendy coats, and staggering dresses, the “Dial M for Murder” and “Back Window” star characterized 1950s polish and balance. The world ended up noticeably cleared up in her children’s story marriage to the Prince of Monaco. In 2010, the Victoria and Albert Museum introduced a show including garments and embellishments traversing Kelly’s initial life in Philadelphia to her princesshood.

8 Elizabeth Taylor

The “Feline on a Hot Tin Roof” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?” performing artist with shining violet eyes characterized excitement, showing up in jewels, tiaras, and sheaths in the 1950s. Continuously an innovator, she was shot in turbans and capes in the 1960s.

7 Vivien Leigh

Best referred to for her part as Blanche DuBois in “A Streetcar Named Desire,” Vivian Leigh grasped extras. From the 1930s on, her sentimental looks were highlighted by pearls, gloves, ornaments, and exquisite caps.

6 Natalie Wood

The “Supernatural occurrence on 34th Street,” “Magnificence in the Grass,” and “Revolt Without a Cause” performing artist dressed perfectly all through the 1950s. She effectively transitioned to 1960s style, regularly observed in vivid prints.

5 Rita Hayworth

A main woman associated with “Gilda” and “The Strawberry Blonde,” Rita Hayworth is a photo of 1940s marvelousness. With a thrilling figure and remarkable red hair, Hayworth’s stick up young lady style included lavish outfits in gold, dark, and red hot red.

4 Marilyn Monroe

For all time characterizing the bridle dress as hot, the notable Marilyn Monroe gave ladies authorization to grasp bends. The “Some Like It Hot” and “Seven Year Itch” excellence unhesitatingly wore pencil skirts and cashmere sweaters while brandishing brilliant red lipstick and a wonder check.

3 Brigitte Bardot

A French model, vocalist, and performer, Brigitte Bardot was a coy, sentimental style pioneer in the 1960s. While she turned from people in general eye to activism in the 1970s, Bardot gave us authorization to game gingham swimming outfits and chic swooped neck areas.

2 Twiggy

With her misrepresented lashes and wispy edge, the fiercely prominent British model, artist, and performing artist Twiggy turned into the substance of the Swinging Sixties. The “W” and “Blues Brothers” starlet wound up plainly well known for her short kid cut and bright, gender ambiguous style.

1 Audrey Hepburn

Agile, rich, and totally chic, Audrey Hepburn is a definitive sentimental film symbol, giving us the little dark dress as found in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Sabrina.” Hepburn complimented her fitted, custom fitted suits and dresses with dim shades and long gloves.

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